Bring Reading Back

This year I have been taking a literature class, I’ve already had the opportunity to read classics such as the Scarlett Letter and Shakespeare. I’ve found a new love for classic literature, even choosing to read Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis. I may stand alone on this, but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of these renowned classics. By reading, we get a glimpse into some of the most inspiring, creative, and brilliant minds in history. By not reading, we’re basically denying access to the some of the most special sources of intellect available. Sure, the books may be outdated and difficult to read, but when we take the time to dig into the heart of the book, we find its beauty. I believe our society’s view of reading is flawed; either you’re titled a reader or you’re not. I believe we’re all readers. What if we all stretched ourselves to find the beauty behind the obsolete words and Old English? What if we read things that we don’t understand? There is such beauty in writing, such a creative spirit. So this is my plea to bring reading back into our society. To read challenging books by creative authors. To read books that ponder the deepest questions in life in a creative way. To read books that help you to understand your morals, faith, and beliefs and teach you to stand firm on them. This is my plea to read things that don’t make sense the first time, things you have to read twice. To spend time uncovering unknown words in the dictionary to find the heart of the story. To find the passion and the cry in the authors words, the emotions escaping from the tip of their pen. To have great writing, we need great writers. So this is my cry to develop excellent readers, who enjoy reading. Perhaps excellent readers will become brilliant minds, and brilliant minds will become inspiring writers.

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