Truth Wins

Trade a lie for Truth.

This world shouts lies. We forget who God is. We forget who God says we are. We forget God’s plan.

We need one another to remind us.

We hurt, we wonder, we wait. We are discouraged, hurt, and bound in shame. We believe the lies. Life is a broken  journey.

We need to be reminded of Truth.

Because “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

This is for the weary, the broken, the empty. This is for the bad days, the mean words, and the lost dreams.

But His Word has power. His words in us have power. I want to pour out words of life.

My passion and my prayer, dear reader, is to bring Truth into lies. I want you to know you are covered in God’s love.

Because Truth has already won the battle.

I humbly offer you His Truth. Leave your email and a lie you are believing below. I will personally, lovingly, and prayerfully respond with biblical Truth for every lie. 


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Disclaimer from Emma: Share as specifically or vaguely as you wish. I promise to protect your words. Your information will only be used to personally reply with encouragement. This is simply an offer for encouragement, please seek help from a professional for specific advice or if you are struggling with any dangerous situations or thoughts.