We live in the big moments, but we live in the small moments too. We live between the hustle and bustle. Between the important, Facebook-worthy moments. The simple moments, the insignificant moments, that’s where we live. Let’s enjoy the small moments. Let’s embrace simplicity in a world of extravagance. Let’s find peace in silence, in a world of noise. Let’s find rest in a world of exhaustion. Let us live each moment with complete joy. So let’s find delight in the quiet nights spent with a good book and green tea. Find love in family dinners and never-ending board games. Find joy in snow and in sunshine. Find simple pleasure in hot chocolate and fuzzy socks. Find laughter in family vacations. Find the coziness of lazy mornings and hot coffee. Let’s savor lame movies with loved ones. Find exhilaration in spontaneous day trips. Let’s enjoy great music. Appreciate the love of a friend. Delight in baking cookies. Find friendship in long car rides with family. Embrace getting lost. Sing in the car. Savor sand between your toes or snowflakes in your hair. Celebrate, laugh, sing, or smile. Because every second, even the ones that don’t seem important, is a gift from God, designed to be lived with love for him and with joy. So let’s embrace the life we live.

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