A New Trail, A New Chapter

I think I first fully realized the weight of it as my feet pounded the dark earth, the still green leaves bearing the first hints of fall as they danced with the idea of fleeing their branches. This would be the last time I would run the ground of home as I knew it— home […]


Only 21 days until I pack up and move 200 miles south. I have traveled a lot this summer. I have had plenty of quiet mornings  to enjoy the sun shining over the mountain and wonder. Yet I feel like my words aren’t ready to be released to the world of the internet. I have […]

How A Story Ends

My favorite stories are the ones that end openly, the ones that let me wonder. I think those stories feel true. Because life usually doesn’t wrap up stories with definite endings. Most of the time our stories end with questions, with unknown. One ending marks the beginning of a new story, a beginning that’s sometimes […]