How A Story Ends

My favorite stories are the ones that end openly, the ones that let me wonder. I think those stories feel true. Because life usually doesn’t wrap up stories with definite endings. Most of the time our stories end with questions, with unknown. One ending marks the beginning of a new story, a beginning that’s sometimes […]

Live Alive

I thought I knew what God was going to teach me this Easter. But as I should know by now, God always has a plan that reaches far beyond my own. God’s Word never ceases to prove itself alive to me, speaking into the heart of my secrets and dreams.  The same message has been kindling […]

What’s Next?

I see it in the restless, the wanderers, the dreamers, the Starbucks baristas, the busy mamas, the businessmen, the gray haired knitters, the eyes that belong to all waiting hearts. We all share the same inquisition: “What’s next?” Because we are just sojourners here, subject to time and the way that God spins the globe. […]

A Lent of Love

“How could God possibly want anyone to give up chocolate for six weeks?” The question wrestled in my childhood mind. Surely God, in His goodness, wouldn’t want to rob us of the sweet richness of chocolate for forty days. Obviously, my heart had many lessons to learn about Lent. As my faith and understanding grew, […]