Exciting News for Becoming Emma!!!

I have exciting news here on the blog today!

As a way to remind me of life’s simple joys, I will be devoting a new section of my blog to sharing an inside scoop of the little things that are reminding me of God’s goodness and beauty. I will be sharing an assortment of music, Bible verses, coffee, food, recipes, books, or anything else that is making me smile. Life is a gift God has given to be savored and filled with praise.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I love words and all things that relate to words. One of my favorite simple gifts in life is grabbing a new pen and writing a letter to someone I love. Letters have a  timeless quality, a way of showing someone they are known and special in a treasure they can read again and again.

As I was brainstorming the name for this new blogging venture, I kept returning to my passion for meaningful words. So, I joyfully name this new corner of Becoming Emma “Thank You Notes.” All of the ways God whispers and brings life into the ordinary are gifts to be celebrated.  I decided it’s only fitting to leave God thank you notes.

I’m excited to invite you to share in my journey in a new way! Beginning May 1st, join me every other week on Monday mornings, grab a cup of coffee, and just click the section at the top of the page titled “Thank You Notes” to celebrate God’s gracious gifts with me.


And wait for it….




I have been praying over the mission of this blog, the purpose of my words. God gave me a simple mission that is becoming the anthem for my writing and my life: to bring light into darkness and truth into lies.

To lean into God’s vision, I’m launching another section on my blog: Truth Wins. The vision is simple. You fill out the message box with a lie you are believing and I will personally email you back with a reminder of God’s Truth. Just find the section titled “Truth Wins” and type away (beginning May 1st).

This world threatens to drown us in lies. It threatens to consume us with darkness. Darkness and lies  break my heart, and they break God’s heart too. As God’s people, we are called to remind one another what is true. We are called to offer a candle of His hope in the midst of one another’s darkness.  God has given me such a passion to enter into the lies and darkness through words. This is my offer to come alongside you in this battle, cover you in prayer, and let God use my fingertips to be truth and light. I don’t offer this because I think I know all the answers, but because He does. I simply want to give His love to those who are lonely, afraid, hurting, wondering, and wishing. I know what darkness feels like, I have believed lies. But I believe in the power of words and His grace. Let’s be honest, this life is tough and I think we all need each other to generously give encouragement, kind words, and love.


The Becoming Emma you know will not be changing. I will be continuing to share thoughts and Truth like I always have. However, you may see some new names in the top menu. Salt and Light will be the place I write my thoughts and prayers, the lessons God is teaching me, and Truth from the Bible (most of the posts I share fall under this category). Footprints will be home to the pictures and memories I share from vacations and adventures. Meet Emma is where you can  learn more about me and this blog, give me any feedback, send me a prayer request, or work with me. I would love to hear from you!

Whether you are a subscribed reader or are visiting Becoming Emma for the first time, I am so glad you are here. I give you my deepest thanks for taking the time to read my words. I pray for each reader who stumbles upon my blog. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for these words!



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