Thank You Notes

Today I’m thankful for…


My Mama

It was special to spend Mother’s Day celebrating with Mama. I love her adventures, wisdom, and fun. I’m thankful for my Mama everyday of the year.


These Rhododendrons 

These beautiful flowers right outside my window are beginning to bloom. I love pulling back my shades to the purple pops of spring color. Even better, there’s a bird nest in this bush and I can hear the birds chirping in the mornings. These flowers are giving me a sweet, simple reminder of beauty resting by my window.



The Ragamuffin Gospel (book) by Brennan Manning

This book is all about grace. I love the way Brennan Manning contemplates deep theology in simple, relatable ways. I’m only about half-way through this read and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the words have in store! I will post a Goodreads review as soon as I finish.



Celebrating Endings and Beginnings with Friends and Family

I was able to celebrate my graduation with a party surrounded by the people I love. I am overwhelmed by the grace God has given me by placing so many special people in my life. It is a true gift to be covered with prayer, support, and love during this season of life.



A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you God for the way the purple flowers remind me of your new mercy every morning. I love the way the birds sing in joyful celebration of sunshine because “All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name” (Psalm 66:4).

You are teaching me of your incomprehensible grace. Let me remember how desperately I need you with every breath. Let me celebrate the gift of another day in freedom from the chains of sin, in light that drowns the darkness. 

Lord, you are truly faithful. Thank you for surrounding me with the people who have led me to your arms, those who have shared my tears, those who I have giggled with in the dark, early hours of morning.  I am blessed by the people who have given me a little part of who I am today. 

I’m so glad you give us the gift to celebrate. Lead me in a joy-filled dance into the next chapter. Remind me that it’s okay to eat too much ice cream sometimes. Thank you for friendship and love. May my life be a celebration marked by delight in you, Lord.

Thank you for the creative ways you love, dear God.



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