Thank You Notes

Today I’m thankful for…


The Beach!

I have been on vacation to the beach with my family and my boyfriend. It was a wonderful time of relaxing and spending time together. Vacation is always a great reminder to leave room to let my soul rest and have fun.



Hosea 6:3

“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear…”

The last morning at the beach, I woke up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean. As the sun lifted himself from the blue ocean to rest on the pink sky, I felt the truth of Hosea 6:3 fill me. We never have to wonder if the sun will rise, every morning it rises with its light. God is as constant and faithful as the sunrise. His promises are true. Ellie Holcomb has a great song about this verse too- listen here.



This Necklace

My grandma makes beautiful hand-stamped jewelry. I asked her to make me this necklace with the word “free” as a reminder. You can purchase a bar necklace like this here! Be sure to check out her other jewelry too.



This post by Ann Voskamp

It was a sad week as the tragic attack in Manchester unfolded. I think Ann Voskamp beautifully described our role as Christians in mourning and fighting for justice in a broken world.



A Prayer of Thanks

Lord, thank you for rest. I love the way the roar of the ocean reminds me of your power and the softness of the sunrise reminds me of your mercy. I am constantly reminded of your faithfulness. Just like I trust light will return each morning, help me to trust that your grace is enough for today.

And God, bring hope to our hurting world. Let us, your people, be your justice fighters. Comfort those who grieve. Let us feel your presence in the broken places. 


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