Thank You Notes

Thank you for joining me for my first “Thank You Notes” post!  I’m happy to be sharing all the things I’m celebrating with you today.



Spring is definitely my favorite season. The green, colorful flowers, chirping birds, and sunshine are tangible reminders of the beauty of God. I feel His presence so closely in the in the spring breeze.


“Red Sea Road” (album) by Ellie Holcomb:

Y’all I have had this album on replay for weeks. Ellie Holcomb’s voice is beautiful and the lyrics have been exactly what I have needed for this season. There’s nothing like great music meeting Truth. I saw Ellie in concert a couple of weeks ago and I love how genuine she is live too!

My friend Yuri and I at Ellie’s concert a couple of weeks ago. She was just as wonderful live. We had a great time!


“You Are Free” (book) by Rebekah Lyons

I savored this book. It’s so awesome how God gives us the words we didn’t know we needed. I loved Rebekah’s writing, but more importantly her message pointed me back to God. I can honestly say I closed the book feeling more free. This newfound freedom seems to be leading me into the next chapter of my life. Check out my Goodreads review here!


Making Candles

Now that school is winding down I decided to take on a new adventure and make some candles. I’ve found out that it’s a fun hobby and much cheaper than buying candles. So that’s been fun…


Halo Top Ice Cream

Healthy ice cream actually isn’t an oxymoron. Yum, yum, yum! My favorites so far have been Smores and Red Velvet Cake!


Goodbye High School

I am taking my last final today, marking the end of high school. Wow. It’s a bittersweet day with many mixed feelings. Yet, I can’t wait to see what God has in store as I begin a new journey!



A Prayer of Thanks


Today I celebrate a new adventure in my words , the new life of spring, and the beginning of a new journey. Help me boldly approach this season, showered in your grace. May I walk in the new life you faithfully breathe into me, day after day.

Cover all the hearts reading these words, may they too enter into whatever journey awaits with the peace of your promises. Let us hear your voice in the voices of spring and see your love painted on the canvas of the sky. Help us learn to live with gratitude in the midst. Today, give us joy in the small things. We will laugh over ice cream, listen to our music a little too loud, and approach both the little and big gifts of life with celebration. Remind us when we forget how beautiful life is. God, let us live in praise.

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