Thank You Notes

Today I’m thankful for…

New York City

I had a special opportunity to take a quick trip to New York with my family and my boyfriend. My brother being in a band has its perks, including some fun family trips.

New York was bustling and alive and fast. But honestly as an introvert who doesn’t like crowds, I found it a bit overwhelming. I’m glad Philip was there to get us from point A to B and help me keep my sanity in the craziness of the city.

But we saw so may iconic places and had a blast. We ate New York Bagels and pizza and walked enough to make up for it all. It was lots of fun!  Overall it was a wonderful trip that I’ll remember forever. I’m thankful for the experience and the opportunity to go.


The Saturday Market in Greenville, South Carolina

A college shopping trip this past weekend led to some time in Greenville, one of my favorite cities! On Saturday morning we explored the Saturday Market. I love Farmers Markets and it was one of the best I’ve been too. We bought some beautiful flowers and bought a yummy breakfast from the vendors. If you’re near Greenville on a Saturday morning between now and October, its worth checking out! I’m looking forward to being less than 30 miles away from the fun that Greenville has to offer  this fall.


The She Reads Truth Bible

My church gifted this Bible to the graduates, but its been backordered until this week. I was thrilled to get it. The study tools will be helpful. And it’s beautiful! She Reads Truth did a great job of honoring the holiness of the Bible and encouraging women to engage in God’s word.


These succulents by my window

I’ve hopped on the bandwagon. These plants add some light and life to my room. I used some creativity to find a drawer organizer to display them on.  I’m gonna try not to kill them…


A Prayer of Thanks

Lord, I praise you today and forever. Today I thank you for the gifts of summer. You speak on airplanes and in farmers markets and in the quietness of home. I am thankful that I can never flee from your presence. No matter where life may lead, your faithfulness remains. Remind me to savor fresh flowers, life, skylines, and crowds of people whom you love. And each morning I awake to your living word and your love inside me, I live in awe of that. Speak into this day. Let your will be done. Amen.

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