Thank You Notes

Today I’m thankful for…


It finally feels like it’s officially summer. I’m loving the sunshine! Days in the sun, staying up too late, and campfires and s’mores are some of my favorite simple joys. Summer invites us to rest, have fun, and enjoy God’s presence.


Iced Coffee

Need I say more? Late nights and long days at work call for a little extra caffeine. I make my iced coffee in a Keurig by using the full amount of coffee with only half of the amount of water, then make it over ice. I usually add a splash of almond milk and sometimes some flavor syrup to finish it off. Yum!


This Bible study on Romans by She Reads Truth

I love the daily devotions that She Reads Truth offers. They began this study last Monday and I’ve learned a lot about our sinfulness and God’s grace by digging into the book of Romans.


The Curious Christian (book) by Barnabas Piper

I asked a lot of questions when I was a kid. This book challenged me to never lose that childlike wonder and keep asking questions. God shows up in our curiosity.


A Prayer of Thanks

Lord, today I thank you for the sunshine and the reminders of your love in summer nights. I thank you for the simple things. I have been reflecting on my broken sinfulness, yet you still chose to give me the undeserved gift of your grace. We are all sinners, but you offer the same grace to us all. Thank you for this world full of wonder. May this week be one of remembering you.


*I will be on a mission trip when the next “Thank You Notes” is scheduled to post, so it will be posted in 4 weeks (on July 9th) instead

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