I’m Emma. I’m (almost) sixteen, I’m homeschooled, I’m a preacher’s daughter, and I’m a follower and disciple of Jesus. Obviously, I’m not your “normal” teenage girl, but I’m comfortable with being different. At this point in my life, I’m becoming many things. I’m becoming an adult. I’m becoming more like Christ and growing in Him. I’m simply becoming me, and finding my identity through Christ. I have an overactive mind, and it seems that when my pen hits the paper (or more literally when my fingers hit the keyboard), everything racing through my head all comes together. I suppose that’s why I’m starting this blog, to give myself a platform to write, to help myself make sense of things, or to “express myself” (to be cliche.) I enjoy running, cooking and baking, Pinterest projects, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I’m hoping to share some of those things through this blog, along with glimpses of my life and journey in faith. I expect this to be a random assortment of thoughts and a window to my not-so-normal life. So, if you are interested in my journey of becoming feel free to stop by and read.

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