A New Trail, A New Chapter

I think I first fully realized the weight of it as my feet pounded the dark earth, the still green leaves bearing the first hints of fall as they danced with the idea of fleeing their branches. This would be the last time I would run the ground of home as I knew it— home […]

What’s Next?

I see it in the restless, the wanderers, the dreamers, the Starbucks baristas, the busy mamas, the businessmen, the gray haired knitters, the eyes that belong to all waiting hearts. We all share the same inquisition: “What’s next?” Because we are just sojourners here, subject to time and the way that God spins the globe. […]

Faith Is

I wish I could write that I have trusted God, raised my hands to praise him with a smile, and gracefully followed where he has been leading me. Rather, it has been messy. Over the past few weeks, God called me to pack up my bags and take a last-minute weekend mission trip to help […]