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I can’t believe July is nearly over. The summer has passed by so quickly. I’ve been a little quiet here on my blog, but I’ve been learning, growing, and gaining experience. The past few weeks  some ideas to write about after I pray through  and process it all. So, I promise more posts are coming soon. Consider this Thank You Notes post a sneak peak of some writing to come.

Today I’m thankful for…

“You Say” by Lauren Daigle

This song shares Truth that we all need to hear.  The lies of the devil can be deafening. It is powerful to proclaim the Truth and declare that we believe what God says of us. In times of transition and busyness, I face a lot of insecurity and anxiety. When I face those feelings, I take comfort in reminding myself of who God is and who He says I am. This song is an anthem of the freedom of the Gospel. I have been playing it in the mornings as a reminder of my true identity.


New Running Shoes


It may seem silly to include here, but I get so excited thinking about all of the places I may run in a new pair of running shoes. I’ve logged hundreds of miles in several different shoes, and I always tend to get a little sentimental about the memories each pair carry. This is the Mizuno Waver Rider 21— my third pair of the wave rider. I love them because they fit great, they are durable, and they are fairly versatile for light trails and roads. The colors are beautiful too!  Jack Rabbit has had a great deal on them! I can’t wait to see what paths await me.


This Bible study on Justice from She Reads Truth

Burdened by the injustice we are surrounded by, I have turned to the Bible to try to understand what justice truly is. I’ve been surprised by the way my understanding of justice has been unclear and even distorted in the past. This podcast initially prompted me to think about my idea of justice. I don’t claim to completely agree with everything said in the episode, but they discuss some great ideas and it initially prompted me to consider my perspective. We are so consumed by the pursuit of social justice, but its often an empty universal approach to the world’s brokenness. But God is a God of justice, and He has a lot to say about what justice is and what it means for us. This study by She Reads Truth  has been a great starting point to explore what the Bible says.


Reading Deuteronomy and Joshua



God has been teaching me through the story of the Israelites. Their story is so like our story. As God’s people, we continually make bad choices and take our eyes off God despite our best efforts, but God is faithful to us. This narrative of God’s redemption is beautiful. I’ve been reading the old testament with the Read Scripture app, and the chapters of Deuteronomy and Joshua were transformative for me this month. These books reminded me that I often focus on the future just like the Israelites yearned for a glimpse of the Promised Land. But God has reminded me that the true blessing is His presence. He is faithful to His promises and He is near. I can find rest in trusting Him and rejoicing in the gift of His presence.


This Skyline 




I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to live and work in Charlotte this summer. This view greeted me each morning for ten incredible weeks. To me, it has been a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision. He put me in this city, in a wonderful internship, surrounded by amazing people of God. I’m in awe of the way God knows what I need to be doing and where I need to be, even when I don’t. I leave this summer confident of God’s sovereign leading in my life. While I’m excited for whatever God has next for me, it’s a sad goodbye.


A Prayer of Thanks

God, thank you for your faithfulness. I am so grateful that each morning I awake to little reminders of your goodness. No matter what city I’m in, despite what lies I’m tempted to believe as I open my eyes, and regardless of what I will face in the day ahead, you lavish your mercy upon me each morning. I am so undeserving, but you are a God of unfathomable grace. This Monday morning, let me embrace your Truth. Prompt me to consider new facets of your character and of your creation, reminding me that there is always more of you to seek. Teach me through your living Word, through the stories of your people. And let me live out your story for me. Though I may not know or understand your plan for me, I trust that you are Sovereign. Amen.






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  1. Emma, great post! I especially love the prayer. We have enjoyed your lovely presence at Billy Graham this summer and are so glad for your hard work! You will be an asset to whatever organization makes the smart choice to hire you. Also, I just ordered a pair of those running shoes – had to get them from Amazon (Jackrabbit doesn’t have my size). I hope they work out. Thanks for that tip, and please keep in touch as you continue school and your career.

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