Thank You Notes

A lot has changed since my May Thank You Notes post. Four weeks ago, I moved to Charlotte for a summer internship with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (#bgeainterns). It has been amazing to see the way God’s plan for me is unfolding through the places and positions he has placed me in. But so much change is happening so quickly that it can feel scary too. The past year has been a whirlwind and the future is unknown. But I’ve been completely humbled by God’s greater perspective. I’m trying to learn from every new experience and cherish each day. This list could stretch for miles, but I’ve included a few things that I’m especially grateful for this June.

Today I’m thankful for…

Charlotte, North Carolina

As a small town, mountain girl, the city has been quite a transition for me. But there is no better place to spend a summer. I have met some of the kindest people ever here. There is always something fun going on and lots to explore. I’ve been to a few awesome churches. And there is a lot of yummy food and coffee! It’s just a great place for young adults to be. I even think the traffic is worth it! I’m so thankful for a summer in Charlotte.

“Magic” by Ben Rector

Ben Rector is one of my long-time favorite musicians. His new album, Magic, satisfied my anticipation. I love the meaningful lyrics and the inspiration behind the album. He has posted on Instagram (@ben_rector) about the creative process of writing and recording Magic, which is a neat story for his listeners. I already have tickets for his upcoming show! I’m glad I have some new music to enjoy!

New Fitness Fun

With temps here in the upper 90s and a slight running injury, I had to change up my running routine. I got a membership to a local gym, and I’ve had a blast trying new things. I did a little weight training with a friend, went to a 6am spin class, and tried a hot yoga class. It was intimidating to try something new in an unfamiliar place, but I am glad that I did. I walked into class unashamed to be a newbie, let the instructor help me out, and enjoyed the experience. I’m looking forward to staying in shape and trying more new workouts and classes. When I stopped viewing my setback in running as a failure but saw it as an opportunity to try something new instead, it led to some fun workouts. Hopefully I’ll be back to running more consistenly soon, but I’m keeping myself moving in the meantime.


Just As I Am by Billy Graham

I’m currently reading through Billy Graham’s autobiography, Just As I Am. Since starting my internship, I have learned a lot about his life and legacy. It’s incredible to see the way God can use just one person to lead so many people to Him. Billy Graham is a name we all have heard, but I would recommend that you take the time to look beyond his name to see the way God can use each of us to build His Kingdom if we’re obedient to His calling for us. I have been encouraged to trust that God can use each season of life, each situation we are in, and each conversation we have to shape us and prepare us for the things He has prepared for us. Often we don’t see the way God is working in the now. There is so much wisdom to be gained from those who have been obedient to God, lived boldly in His calling for them, and finish the race well.


A Prayer of Thanks

Lord, thank you for the beautiful summer month of June. I am grateful for the places and the season of life that you have placed me in. Thank you for reminding me that every moment is a part of your plan for me, even those that don’t make sense right now. The little things mean the most in your Kingdom. I am humbled how vast your creation is and how small I am. You teach me each day and in each new place. Let me be aware of and obedient to those little lessons. I am trusting your greater perspective. I am overwhelmed with thank you notes for you today. You are worthy of all praise. Let me live in love and gratitude. Amen. 



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