Every time snowflakes start dancing in the winter sky, it takes me back to being five. I still rush to the window and watch the snow make its fleeting home on the earth. With a cup of coffee in hand, the thought keeps coming back– “God made this.”  At that moment, the snowflakes ask a question. I can choose to see the snow as a nuisance, an interruption to the busy life I see as so important. Or I can take a step back and get lost in the wonder that a God bigger than I can ever comprehend crafted each tiny snowflake. I can’t bear to see the beauty as an interruption as the ground becomes white.

Wonder—it’s the force that drives the childhood excitement of catching a butterfly, sliding through hallways in socks, and bedtime stories. But we grow up and wonder gets left behind. No longer does a blooming flower awe us. We explain and reason the beauty away. We can’t spend our precious time simply resting in the glory the earth proclaims. But what if we chose to see the world through different eyes?

I’m learning that wonder always precedes worship. Only when we remove the layers of stress, fear, busyness, and pride can we fully experience the miracle of life.

Today, as the world around me remains still in the white beauty, I will sit by the window in wonder. I will remain in awe of God for the creative ways he wooes me. Let me never lose this wonder.




2 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Hi Emma, thank you for this wondrous insight. Your reflection of such a beautiful creation, the simply small but intricately designed snowflake, by a “bigger than I God” has reminded me how taking time to see these wonders through childlike eyes and heart allows me to be still in His glory and share in the awesomeness of a world created for us by Him. Sitting with you, complete in wonder.

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