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I am so excited to share my words with the blog at (in)courage today! This is the beginning of my post, you can find the rest at (in)courage.

My eyes heavy, I read over the same line again and again trying to concentrate. In frustration I repeated to myself, “Just one more chapter. Read, pay attention, stay awake.”

Reading through Leviticus felt more like reading a boring history textbook than digging into God’s word. I knew deep down that this was an important part of God’s living word, but I felt like the heart of God was buried beneath 27 chapters of not-so-exciting words like “procedures” and “instructions” that seemed to have no practical application to my faith today. Honestly, I skimmed through the chapter, checked off my reading plan, and let the seemingly boring words of Leviticus escape my mind. Until a couple of years later . . .

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