Today: Why It’s Not Just a Season

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11


High school sometimes feels like a ticking clock. With big decisions looming overhead, dreams and the excitement for God’s plans create a restless heart. At times, everyone goes through seasons of change. In our hurried culture, life becomes a series of hurried seasons of anxious hearts with little time to soak in the present moment.

What do all these hurried hours equate to? How can we live, slow down, and soak in this moment when the clock seems to spin faster every second? Deadlines, appointments, and decisions waiting to be made are all begging for our attention, our time, and our energy. When the tears and stress all add up we tell ourselves “it’s just a season.” But the leaves change, one season becomes another, and we repeat the same line over and over.

Where you are right now is not just a season. God has created everything beautiful for its own time, every moment has a beautiful purpose. Life is a journey and we will never be in the exact same place in time as we are standing right now. God has placed you in the unique place you are in now for a reason. Whatever season you are in is a part of God’s will for you. So let’s slow down. Stop rushing the seasons away, rest in the moment, and open your eyes to the beauty of where you are.

If we hurry through one season after another, we miss the opportunities God is giving us. Each unique season offers unique opportunities. If you are solely focused on what is to come, you will lose sight of what has already come. God isn’t just planning to use you in the future, neither has he finished using you. God is using you in the present moment. Each breath has a purpose. The opportunities are there, we just have to be willing to see them. It  may simply be saying hi to a stranger, praying for a friend, or loving the lonely. No act done out of love for God and awareness of His whisper is insignificant. Live for today.

God has placed eternity in our hearts. He has given us a longing and desire for something more. Without the hope of heaven, we have no meaning. We were created for heaven. Only when we grasp God’s eternal plan, can we truly live each season to the fullest, basking in its beauty.  Our tomorrow in heaven gives our today purpose.

You may not understand why you are where you are, but from our finite perspective we are blind to the scope of God’s plan. God compassionately looks at our lives from his eternal perspective. Eternity is beyond what we can comprehend in our human minds, forever is beyond imagination. Our finite perspective is vastly different from God’s infinite perspective. Each of these seasons are a part of God’s plan for your life. God is using these moments and seasons to mold you into who He has created you to be. God doesn’t call us to understand, He calls us to trust. Run into His arms, rest in His promises, and trust Him for today.

I often find myself rushing through high school for the excitement of whatever life brings next. God has been teaching me to this lesson of slowing down, resting in His love, and seeing the purpose of this season in His eternal plan. I’m learning to live fully in the season I am in and to soak in every moment of grace that God gives me. Whether you are counting down the days until graduation, searching for a new job, planning a wedding, changing diapers, or waiting for retirement refuse to miss the beauty of the season you are in. Join me in living for today, letting God use us right now, and keeping our eyes on heaven, because today is beautiful.




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