Our Savior is Living

Savior, Messiah, King of the Jews

Mocked, beaten, bruised

all because of me and you


Born in a stable, He entered the ordinary

A babe rested quietly in the arms of Mary

How could she know the pain He would carry


He grew, He taught, He loved

God’s peace rested on him in the form of a dove

Perfect in the eyes of His father above


One by one, He called His disciples to Him

“Come, follow me, repent of your sin”


He taught with love on a mount

He healed too many to count

The wind and waves calmed on His account


He fed five thousand with a few fish and some bread

Did His disciples know what would lie ahead?

He cried, “Who do you say I am?”


Hosanna! They shouted as He rode in to town

In praise they bowed down

Unaware of the way in which He would be crowned


At last, they dined

His body the bread and His blood the wine


He cried “Abba!” through blood and tears

As He rose, He uttered “my betrayer is here”

“Crucify Him!” The shouts flooded His ears


His head crowned with thorns

His body torn

In mockery adorned


His sinless hands pierced with nails

King of the Jews, in scorn, they hailed

“My God, my God” He wailed


Hours of agony went past

A shadow of darkness was cast

Jesus breathed His last


The sins of world He bore

The veil was torn

Heaven mourned


His body placed in a tomb

The disciples faces bore gloom

Three days filled with doom


But this wasn’t the end of the story

The Son of Man would reveal His glory


Three times the rooster crowed

Three times the sun rose

The hour of hope was close


At dawn that third morn

The women came to see the body of the babe Mary had born


His body was missing

There, at His tomb, two angels sat glistening
“Do not fear,” they pleaded, as the women stood trembling


He is risen from the dead!

Just as He said

Oh, what joy, what hope, what life lay ahead


His task was completed

Death was defeated


Let’s shout with thanksgiving

Our Savior is living!




Hear this poem read in spoken word at Cornerstone Community Church

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