August days are disappearing much too quickly.

The nearing return of autumn leaves is taunting me.

The fading summer sun feels like a ticking clock.

The dimming rays of summer remind me of life’s brevity.


My young heart is full of passion and eager for adventure.

Endless opportunities and dreams abound.

My mind is lost in the waves of July.

But like the fleeting seasons, the fire of sixteen will soon be quenched.


I’m choosing to cherish this season.

I’m confidently approaching the future.

I’m contentedly living in the present.

I’m  trusting in God’s goodness.

I’m loving deeply and laughing often.

I’m rejoicing in the downpour of His mercy.

I’m celebrating life.

I’m living in the freedom God’s grace.

I’m living in unshakable joy in response to God’s unchanging love.

I’m refusing to let the world define me.

I’m confident in who God has called me to be.

I’m passionately seeking Him.

I’m shamelessly worshipping Christ.

I’m earnestly praying.

I’m living authentically.

I’m dancing in the rain.

I’m learning to see hope in the storms.

I’m finding joy in the simple moments.

I’m overwhelmed with true happiness found only in God.

I’m welcoming His presence.

I’m soaking in the beauty of God’s glory.

I’m choosing to embrace this perplexing, yet beautiful journey of life.




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