Purpose- the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Why are we here? What are we supposed to do with the life we’re given? What’s the point? Purpose is an inevitable quest that no one is exempt from. It determines our thoughts, actions, beliefs, morals, attitude, and simply the way we live our life. We can choose to face this quest of purpose, or to ignore it and suffer from the absence of meaning in our lives.

We see this lack of true purpose rampant in the world around us. Search for “purpose” on Pinterest or Google, you’ll see what I mean. I was hurt to see so many different ideas and substitutes for meaning.  The search for purpose is one of the most important obstacles that we will face in our entire lives. It determines every detail of our life. We see society try to make things like love, joy, peace, happiness, care of the environment, acceptance, and justice their purpose. We see people pour their hearts and souls into advancing those things, making that their purpose in life. In my generation I see this as a popular attitude and mindset.

As teenagers, we are embarking on a long journey of finding who we are. We have so many questions, and we are looking for answers. We all need something to live for.  We have a generation that wants to do what is right and wants to make the world a better place. The problem is, though things like peace, justice, etc. are good things, they in themselves are not our purpose. Rather, they are things that flow from our purpose. When we don’t have a clear idea of meaning in our life, we just wander through life aimlessly, lost in the confusing world around us. We are easily shaken, with no foundation on which to lay our lives. Naturally, we try to fill that emptiness with something else. There has to be a point, there must be meaning, but what is it?

As Christians we are given a purpose, to live our lives radically in love with God, to glorify Him in everything we do, and to advance his kingdom. This is, after all, is the only true purpose in life. But it takes more than just knowing what our purpose is, but our life has to reflect that. When we enter into a relationship with God, we are given something that many people spend their entire lives searching for. We believe that God has placed us here to live for him, we are on a journey towards eternity with God and our job is for us to invite as many people as we can to join us on this journey.  And if we really believe this, shouldn’t it drastically change the way we live?  When we have a goal for our life, a destination for our lives, it determines our path for our life. It influences every decision we make. So, let’s get serious about our purpose. We have an important job! We have a solution for the void that so many people are seeking to fill.  Join me in embracing God’s purpose, of allowing it to change our lives. Let’s love each other as God loves us. Let’s live joyfully in response to this gift we’ve been give. And let’s share this meaning we have found with the lost world around us.

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  1. Great Word Emma! As the song says “someone in this generation is gonna change the world!”…be a world changer for God girl! 🙂

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