“Tour De Compadres”


This past Friday I went to a Needtobreathe concert! They are currently on tour with Colony House, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, and Ben Rector. When I heard the line-up for this “Tour De Compadres,” as they have dubbed their tour, I was beyond excited. All of my favorites in one concert! So after weeks of anticipation, I gathered some “compadres” and we headed for the concert in Raleigh. We weren’t disappointed! All of the bands gave an impressive show and wonderful music. All of the artists that performed are talented musicians with meaningful, relatable songs. The concert was at a neat, small outdoor amphitheater in the heart of downtown Raleigh (Red Hat Amphitheater).  It was a gorgeous spring night and a wonderful show; and most importantly, it was enjoyed in the company of friends.  It was an overall fun and memorable night! I’m cherishing these fun memories being made!

I included links for all the artists above, I encourage you to check them out! They are all very talented, some of my favorite bands!

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