The Awe of Christmas

The town of Bethlehem is bustling with travelers, oblivious to the miracle about to take place. A young girl, scared and tired, longs for a place to lie down. A wearied young man, fears that he can’t provide a rest for his bride. A sympathetic inn keeper tries to help in any way he can, not understanding the divinity of the situation at hand. Shepherds, watching their sheep are overcome by God’s presence, led by an angel to  witness the miracle. Wise men in the East are overcome with awe, and by faith, follow a star to see the son of God. By faith, they are all led to Jesus.

Little did they know the impact Jesus would leave on our world. As Mary held her baby on her own shoulder,she never imagined that the world would rest on his. As Joseph held Jesus’ tiny hand in his own, he was unaware that the small hand he was holding would one day be nailed to a cross. No one understood that the breath breathed by the little baby would heal the sick and raise the dead. The baby lying in a manger would one day save the world.

This was God’s divine plan for the birth of his Son. This is why we celebrate Christmas. We stand in awe at the birth of Emmanuel. The wonder of God’s divine plan. The miracle of Jesus. The awe of Christmas.

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