A Season in Celebration of Love

Christmas is quickly approaching and you can feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Christmas is such a joyful time. Most of us are enjoying this season to prepare for the coming Holiday. When I was a little girl I would spend the month of December in anticipation of the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Over time, I’ve come to understand Christmas a little better each year. For me, Christmas is a time of love. It’s a celebration of the love God had for us by sending his only son into our world. We spend this special time in joyful celebration of God’s gift to us. We spend time loving our family and friends. Christmas has a way of bringing everyone together. When we live in celebration of God’s love, we all love deeper ourselves. Christmas is also a time of reflection. We reflect on the sacrifice God made by sending Jesus to earth, and how that sacrifice plays out in our lives. We are able to cherish our time together and to make memories around the tree. It’s a time to savor the moments we have together. It’s a time of giving. God has given us the greatest gift we could ever imagine and we use Christmas to reflect the love we’ve been given by giving to others. It’s a time of joy, to laugh and sing and to be glad. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus and he deserves a party! Spend this season focusing on Jesus and celebrating his gift to us. Block out the distractions thrown at us by the world. Shine your light this Christmas season by celebrating the greatest gift that has ever been given!

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